Organic Materials and Devices Laboratory

CAER devices


We develop novel organic electronic systems with superior performance for state-of-the-art devices. We explore fundamental mechanisms to establish future design strategies, using a broad suite of materials and electronic characterisation techniques.

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We enhance and fine-tune organic devices using innovative device engineering techniques. We interpret and exploit the nuances governing organic materials within electronic device structures, by probing their unique device physics.

CAER applications

Printing and Applications

We develop printed electronic systems, to identify new applications for organic electronics and bioelectronics, that can be easily integrated into the world around us. We bring large-area printable, low-cost electronics into the day-to-day electronic landscape.

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About us

We are experimentalists who establish novel techniques to improve the performance of organic semiconductor and organic mixed conductors. We identify new applications for organic electronics and bioelectronics, using our avant-garde materials and device engineering approaches.

A F Paterson Professor Alexandra F. Paterson The University of Kentucky

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